Peroneal tendoscopy. A pictorial essay

  • Panagiotis Symeonidis
Keywords: tendoscopy; peroneal tendon tear; tenosynovitis


Tendoscopy of the peroneal tendons is gaining popularity in the diagnosis and treatment of retromalleolar pain as a result of tenosynovitis, impingement and tendon tear. Further indications for the technique include tendon subluxation or dislocation, a low riding muscle belly and symptomatic vinculae. The method combines the advantages of minimally invasive surgery such as minimal soft tissue trauma, quick recovery, small scars and better cosmesis with a short hospital stay and low cost. Similar to any advanced operative technique, a thorough knowledge of the local anatomy, adherence to detail, adequate training and familiarity with small joint arthroscopic skills are prerequisites for a safe and successful peroneal tendoscopy.


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Author Biography

Panagiotis Symeonidis

St. Luke’s Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece