• George Kapetanos


For one more time, I would like to thank the Senior Editor, Professor Nikos Papaioannou and the hardworking Assistant Editor, Ass. Professor Ioannis Triantafyllopoulos, for their invitation and collaboration issuing this second part of the Special Issue – Metabolic Bone Diseases.

After the successful publication of the first part (Issue 2023-2) and its wide warm acceptance in our scientific community, the second part (Issue 2023-3) is handed to you with further topics related to bone metabolism.

It is also a great chance to share with all of you my intimate thoughts on a hot topic. I had the privilege to be the first Editor of the Orthopaedic Journal of North Greece as well as Member of the Editorial Board of ACTA Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Hellenica. Time has come and the two journals (ACTA Orthopaedic et Traumatologica Hellenica and Orthopaedics) should be merged into one. The conditions are mature enough and in this small country with this great orthopaedic community there is no need to have two scientific journals on the same scientific field.

The current two Editors, Professor N. Papaioannou and Mr. J. Bischiniotis have worked hard all these years offering their best to keep both journals alive. But I think that the time has come to unite our powers for one Scientific Journal on the field of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Therefore, my suggestion is that the two current presidents of the two Greek Orthopeadic Societies, Professor Z. Dailiana (HAOST) and Professor G. Drosos (OTEMATH) should collaborate with the two Editors and find the best solution. I believe that some issues considering the final name of the Journal and the keeping of the history of both could be easily solved.


George Kapetanos

Professor of Orthopaedics


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George Kapetanos

Professor of Orthopaedics