History of scoliosis surgery in Greece

  • Constantinos Z. Zachariou Former Director of Scoliosis and Spine Department of KAT Hospital, Kifissia-Athens, GREECE
Keywords: history; scoliosis; Surgery


This is a review of scoliosis surgery in Greece and its great development after 1975, which is linked with the establishment of Scoliosis and Spine Unit at KAT Hospital since 1975.

We focus particularly on the transpedicular screw that revolutionized surgery for scoliosis and the spine in general.

Spine surgery appears at the beginning of the 19th century with a simple access to the spine, without instrumentation, and mostly to treat conditions such as tuberculosis large-scale deformities and poliomyelitis only by debridement and graft-based spinal fusion.

The first scoliosis operation using metal devices was published in 1945 in the US by Paul Harrington, while the revolution of materials was made by the French Cotrel and Dubousset (1982) with the design of CD instrumentation, initially with hooks and later included the transpedicular screw (1986), which was originally used by the French Roy Camille and then by Magerl and Dick.

 At the same time as the surgery the Greek orthopaedic since 1975 made so much progress that it does not fall short of foreign colleagues in technological equipment or in training and experience, shortly afterwards followed by neurosurgeons.

 The trigger in surgery was given the working-shops lessons during the scoliosis symposiums on cadaver preparations where almost all the pioneers of the time taught.


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